CQY / Direct-To-You

So what’s the deal with our Direct-To-Consumer model?

Basically, there’s no third-wheel situation going on in this relationship. We’ve cut the middleman out of the picture and, in doing so, passed the value and savings to you. No retailer markup means that you pay a lot less than you typically would at a department store or boutique.

This is how the pricing structure generally works in traditional retail:

Another designer denim brand produces its jeans for $42 in Turkey, Vietnam, China, or Mexico. They sell it to a department store for $112. The department store marks it up and sells it to you for $248. That’s a 6x markup from cost. Ouch.

Here’s what’s happening with us:

CQY’s cost of producing jeans is $65 (the best fabric, sustainable production practices, and LA-based factories all come at a higher cost—but just wait, you’re going to love the final number). Without the added retailer markup, we can sell our jeans for $160. This is just a 2.5x markup from cost.
Let’s see… superior fabrics, Made in LA quality, eco-friendly practices, and a price that’s nearly 40% less than what you would pay for a department store brand? We refer to this as a “no-brainer!”